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 My golf gti!!

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PostSubject: My golf gti!!   Sat Jul 14, 2012 6:57 am

After being fucked over by direct line and now black listing me for cancelling my insurance I have to get something cheap like GT TDI this is only cos the insurerance is £400 pound cheaper cos now I have to pay in full and not monthly

So I have to try get swaps for my golf!! And get a mk4 diesel

Let me know of any interest

Proper gutted about this!! Cos I am skint can not drive my car and I mite have to get rid of my turbo!! Sad
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PostSubject: Re: My golf gti!!   Sat Jul 14, 2012 10:49 pm

Oh dear, how come they blacklisted you?, if you still want to pay monthly get a 0% cred card and put it on that then just pay the monthly, simples
Just an idea
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My golf gti!!
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