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 Exhaust system for turbos :)

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PostSubject: Exhaust system for turbos :)   Sat Apr 21, 2012 8:16 pm


This will be a quick one,,,,a turbo is a big restriction within the exhaust and doesnt need help in anyway getting rid of gasses, for this reason it will work best with as little restiction as possible! such as no exhaust at all,,,but this would cause other problems which i will get too.

Here are some facts to get the most from your turbo exhaust system.

1. Biggish diameter pipes are better,,,they cause less restiction for the turbo to have to fight against.

2. Avoid harsh bends and change in pipe diameters,,,this WILL be causing a loss of power due to flow interuption.

3. Smooth mandral bends help with flow stability.

4. Dont be totaly fooled into putting huge exhaust systems on to an engine that doesnt need it, a turbo does requir some back pressure to keep the turbine oil seal seated or your turbo will leak oil into your exhaust killing your lambda sensor, plus going bigger than nessesary wount increase power,,,just noise, as a rule 2" is good for 200bhp, 2.5/3" upto 300bhp plus and it goes on, fitting a 4" inch pipe to a small engine and turbo is totally pointless and will simply lose power

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Exhaust system for turbos :)
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