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 Fitting a turbo

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PostSubject: Fitting a turbo   Sat Apr 21, 2012 8:18 pm


Right,,,,,im not going to go into great detail in this section because i like to get technical when it comes to turbos so ill save it for another post about turbo technology!!

For me atleast turbocharging is the ultimate modification to an engine, a turbo in basic terms is an air pump, powered by exhaust gasses it forces compressed air into an engine delivering large amount of oxagen into the cylinders which when combined with more fuel gives massive increases in torque, extra bhp is a bonus!

its the best way to give big power increases without fitting a bigger engine that weights alot, using even low pressure turbos on small engines allows them to perform like much bigger engines etc.

Ok I haven't gone in to this loads but I like turbos!! Ha
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Fitting a turbo
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