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 more perfomance out of my engine

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PostSubject: more perfomance out of my engine   Wed Mar 27, 2013 1:29 am

hello, I have a 1.2 16v SXI corsa B and wondering how to get a little more from this little engine. I dont have the time or money to be doing engine changes just yet however im open to suggestions as to what i can do to this little 1.2?
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PostSubject: Re: more perfomance out of my engine   Wed Mar 27, 2013 4:07 am

well, the basics of tunning any engine is fundametally the same, fast air/ fuel flow through the engine will speed the engine up, so, a nice little induction kit will allow the air flow into the engine faster, and a good exhaust will allow the gases to leave the engine faster, so a cheep stainless manifold of ebay, and the same for the exhaust system, would improve the car. i cant remember where your cat is, but if you remove the cat, that'll make a pritty big diffrence, but remeber its never gona be a ferari, however, a few tricks to remeber,
look at formula one cars, the engines are impressive but not huge, but they do have the best schassi that money can buy..... point being that if you stook a v8 in a corsa, it'll go like a rocket until you come to a corner, which without any achassi mods is pointless, sowhy dont you get the corsa to handle like a rally car, and then tweek the engine, for example fitting bigger brakes from and astra gsi etc that way you can leave it until the last second to hit the breaks before a corner, in effect making the car faster (around a track obviously)
then theres loads of way to make the car stiffer and reduce body role, strut braces, upper and lowwer are allmost a nessecety for any car, and polly bush kits, these change the normal bushes in front arms, steering racks etc for a very rigid version that almost elimanates any 'play' in the bushes and transforms the handeling, then theres your centre of gravity, look how low a btcc car sits, this isnt to look good, its to reduce body role on harsh cornering, so, bearing that in mind if you lowwer the car as much as possible then you can get round corners much fast,
and finally weight. think about it, if youve got a back pack on its much harder to go for a run with it on, then of, same applys to your car, how often do you have ppl in the back? ..... so why do you carry the extra weight? strip it out, loose the weight and the car will effectivley feel faster

there is a whole world of mods that can be done to a corsa b, i'll be at race spec on thursday if you wanna chat more but anyone from diy i'm sure will give you ideas and point you in the right direction Wink
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more perfomance out of my engine
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