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 USB Car Ports

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PostSubject: USB Car Ports   Wed May 09, 2012 12:08 pm

yo, im new to forum but got a few things to share as i may be able to help people with some cool ideas and cheap solutions!

so i just got my first car from Shrek (1.9D Polo) and its been sat on Priestley's drive uninsured for the last 3 weeks which has given me some time to come up with some mega cool ideas.

the main necessity in a car these days is a phone and i use mine for everything from music to satnav and battery soon dies. one of the min things about charging your phone is that you have to have a massive dildo stuck out of your fag lighter and 100 wires.

i started wiring USB ports in permanently fused at 1A and with a switch rather than unplugging your dildo dash charger!

my first project was Priestleys car, we ripped up an old USB charger and plugged everything in:
only to find that it wouldn't charge an iphone.
-apple are wankers.
so USB has 4 wires. Red(+) Black(-) Green(Data+) White(Data-) and usually you only have to loop the data lines to make your phone start charging, however Apple decided that you have to have between 2-3v travelling through your data lines to be able to charge an iPhone enabling Apple to add another 10 quid on a phone charger because you cant use a normal one.

anyway we added some cheeky resistors to drop 3v over the datalines making Priestleys normal charger an iphone one all for the cost of 90p:

with the hard part sorted we drilled on hole for the USB Face panel (25mm) and mounted a switch, rapped everything up and BOOM he's charging like a BOSS and not dildo dash charger!:


once i knew it would work i took the knife to my car and heres what i got a different style hidden USB with toggle and indicating light:

Once i mastered these few different styles and ways i decided to make shrek a USB charger for his new project from scratch and after alot of testing and few late nights and overlayed work mornings ive finally sussed it!

so this is whats its made from:

-50kOHM resistor x2
-100kOHM resistor x1
-150kOHM resistor x1
-10uF capacitor x2
-0.1uF capacitor x1
-5v positive voltage regulator at 1A x1

all of this cost around £3 the type of usb panel mount depends on how much you want to pay for it. £2 for stealth, £5 for big ones.

soldering circuit building and testing:

So final product ready to fuse and crimp straight to + & - at 1A fused:

this cost around £5 to build so if anyone would like one putting together for their car then give me a shout and ill be happy to help! also if anyone want the circuit diagram to make your own just holla at me and ill draw you one up!

keep an eye out more mad projects coming!
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PostSubject: Re: USB Car Ports   Wed May 09, 2012 10:13 pm

I'm very impressed mate, top work and a quality photo thread, well done matey, keep it up
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PostSubject: Re: USB Car Ports   Fri May 11, 2012 7:24 am

Electrics like that baffle my mind, mention resistor or circuit board sand whoosh straight over my head. Looks good though bud
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PostSubject: Re: USB Car Ports   Sat May 12, 2012 7:49 pm

I eh I new how to wip up stuff like that good job mate Smile
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PostSubject: Re: USB Car Ports   

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USB Car Ports
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